About Us

Sarjan Biotech Company was established in 2005 with ultra-modern plant tissue culture laboratory at Village Gada, Ta.Bhuj, Dist. Kutch, Gujarat, India. Company has already progressed in developing more than 50,00,000 Banana Grand Naine/G9 plants per annum and continuously progressive with adapting latest technology. Besides Banana Tissue Culture plants of Banana Grand Naine / Banana G-9, company has full fledge capacity for developing plant tissue culture and primary/secondary hardened plants of any other categories also, as per requirements. It has initiated ambitious program of Date Palm tissue culture for which the material (off-shoots) from the best Date Palm trees of Kutch have been procured.

The plant tissue culture laboratory building covers the area of 20000 sq.ft. consisting of plant cell culture Media preparation room, hot room, store room, office block, washing room, plant tissue culture media storage room, plant culture growth rooms, inoculation rooms,, R.O. room, etc. Sarjan Biotech Company’s Laboratory is equipped with automatic bottle washing machine, auto media dispersing machine, pH meter, high precision electronic analytical balance, EC/TDS meter, R.O. plant (R.O. water available in each room through separate cock) + quartz distillation unit, laminar air flow cabinets (20), timers for temperature as well as photoperiod, autoclaves (4 big + 2 small) installed with boiler. The growth rooms and inoculation rooms are fitted with FRP panels and double walled with glass wool between the walls which maintained atmosphere of these room constant and optimum for best response. The entire bio laboratory block is provided with positive air pressure modules which maintain aseptic conditions in growth and inoculation rooms. The power supply is through 24 hrs electricity line supported with three generators in case of power failures. The company has its own bore well and water harvesting system.

In all, 60 operators are working on two seater 30 laminar air flow cabinets. The plant tissue culture operations are monitored through CCTV cameras installed everywhere. Strict hygienic conditions are maintained by all the operators to handle each and every plant tissue culture with care. There are three technicians looking after all the operations of the plant tissue culture laboratory besides preparing the culture media. There are few operators’ quarters near the laboratory building. The residential bungalow of Managing Director, Mr. Harish P. Nagda is also in the laboratory premises to take care of each and every plant tissue cultures and primary / secondary hardened plants at every stage of their life cycle for the best fruits to the Nation.

The Sarjan Biotech Company having advance Molecular Biological Research and Testing Equipment like PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, Microscope and other related equipment for new innovations & continuous improvements.

The Sarjan Biotech Company has huge complex of modern plants poly houses with fan pad &fogger (60,000 sq..ft.) equipped with auto controls for humidity and temperature and net houses (Green House/Nursery) (20,000 sq.ft.). The company also has at its disposal agricultural land of 20 acres for raising mother plants. The company has established marketing strategy for sale of primary (Net Pot Plants of Banana) and secondary hardened (Poly Bag) plants of Banana for India as well as for many other Countries.