Quality, Reliability, Service:

Sarjan Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory in India (plant cell culture laboratory) offers significant and unique advantages, ensuring that the grower receives quality plantlets from a “good home”. The reliable source of the propagation material can be trusted and the high level of service provided to the customers is certified by a team of highly experienced specialists with a wide knowledge acquired over many years in all our tissue culture and plant Products.

An experienced professional team:

Sarjan Biotech Company having the highly qualified and experienced professional Team of Lab Technicians and other supporting staffs Headed by director Mr. Harish P Nagda to carry out standard operations smoothly, efficiently and in a continuous improvement manner.

Prime propagation material:

The material used for laboratory propagation is selected by professionals of Sarjan Biotech company carefully and selected materials are also raised in Sarjan Biotech mother block for future use. Agriculture experts look after these materials.

Advance Molecular Biological Research and Testing Facility:

The Sarjan Biotech Company having advance Molecular Biological Research and Testing Equipment like PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, Microscope and other related equipment for Quality Control, Testing, New Innovations &Continuous Improvements.

A tissue culture raised plant nursery with excellent professional care:

The plants at Sarjan Biotech company are acclimatized under insect-proof Module air System, and enjoyable climate control and excellent professional care.

Rigorous Selection of tissue culture raised plants:

Rigorous selection is maintained during the growing process of plants at the nursery.

Disease and pest-free plants:

The nursery is regularly supervised by pathologist and virologist who monitor plant health and employ the most advance inspection methods.

Post-planting follow-up and consultation:

Sarjan Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Laboratory provides consultation and advice to growers regarding optimal care of the plants.
We provide full protocol and technical support regarding the nursery, field planting, and initial field practices.