Plant Tissue Culture

Brief about Plat Tissue Cultures:

Plant tissue culture is a novel and innovative technique to grow high quality, disease free plants quickly and in a large quantity by culturing and maintaining plant cells or organs like leaves, stem, root, branch shoot tip, petals, anther and pollen in sterile, nutritionally and environmentally supportive conditions in vitro. This technique is especially useful when the planting material is scarce or on the edge of extinction as thousands of plants can be produced from a single selected plant. Plants prepared using tissue culture technique are true to type resembling the mother plant in all traits, disease free, contains uniform growth and can be obtained throughout the year. Moreover, harvesting period for crops prepared with tissue culture plantations is earliest than normal. So, cultivation using tissue culture plants imroves farmers income and make economy stronger. The crop growth is also uniform with almost zero crop loss due to the diseases, which consequently leads to more yield, and thereby more profit.

The technology has enormous potential for meeting the demands of both domestic and export market in terms of high quality planting materials. Since the cost of production in India is comparatively low, the growers in Europe and USA are always interested to tie-up with Indian counterparts for production of tissue culture raised plants on a commercial basis.