one of the most advanced Plant Tissue Culture Company in India, established in 2005, having ultra-modern plant tissue culture laboratory to Develop Tissue culture plants, precious plant tissue culture Research & Testing equipment for continuous development, huge modern poly houses for Primary Hardened Plants (Ex-Agar or Net Pot Plants) & Secondary Hardened Plants (Poly Bag Plants), and all required infrastructure, for providing the great precious fruits, crops & vegetables to the World by performing the Duty honestly & passionately.

The Sarjan Biotech Company has excelled in proving high quality tissue culture raised plants to farmers, industries and governments in India and worldwide.

The Sarjan Biotech Company maintains stringent quality standards, coupled with the latest research findings in the bio technology which ensures superior cloned plants with lowest level of rejection.

Sarjan Biotech's Plants are Characterized by Uniformity, Rapid Growth, Early Fruiting and High Yield potentiality.