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Sarjan Group of company is one of the Largest supplier of Ornamental Plants in India, We specialize in Rare & Exotic Plants. Sarjan was founded by Mr. Harish Nagda, in 2005. We have DBT certified [The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, is the Certification Agency for certification of the tissue culture raised propagules to laboratory level and to regulate its genetic fidelity as prescribed.

The Certification Agency (DBT) is responsible for implementing the National Certification System for Tissue Culture Plants (NCS-TCP) in the Country.] Plant Tissue Culture Lab with all the latest Equipments which is handled by our Experts & Scientists having an experience over 17 Years. We are the largest Ornamental Plant Laboratory in India, with the capacity of producing 30 Million plants in a cycle. These Plants are raised in a highly advanced lab. We are commited to bringing you the highest quality plant material to customers.

Mr. Harish Nagda
Sarjan Biotech


The Best Services

Sarjan Group of company is backed by a talented and hard-working team of 150+ employees who work round the clock to fulfill our clients requirements in the best quality.

Tissue Culture Lab

Our lab is equipped with Bio reactors and Auto clave machines giving us the capacity to produce 10 thousand bottles per batch. Key benefits of our lab are contaminant free, consistent quality, true to type plants at a rapid pace which we accomplish with 67 laminar floors and elepot machines.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology helps in plant tissue culture in understanding plant DNA & further true-to-type is carried forward for future development. Our Molecular lab is equipped with : PCR machine, Spectrophotometry, Centrifugation [ 20000 RPM with Cooling Jacket ], Autoclave, Microscopes, Laminar Air Flow, Shaker, Incubator, Electrophoresis, Micropipettes, Vortexers, Freezer, Refrigerator, Transilluminator.

State of the art Poly house

We have a holding capacity of 40 lac plants at a time for hardening – thanks to our high-tech poly house which is equipped with Fan pads and Fogger systems.

Green at heart

Due to growing concerns about Global warming, it is our responsibility to do our bit in reducing the consequences of climate change. We aim to reduce climate impact in our working environment – installing Rainwater Harvesting System is the first step towards sustainable working which gives us 10 lac liters of water. Safety is our priority, hence we only use IBR-certified boilers in our Lab.

We Specialized in More than 500+ Varieties

Major Plant Categories

Our Plants Are Grown On A Gelled, Nutrient-Rich Medium

Our lab technicians work in a controlled lab space and work using scalpels, microscopes and petri dishes to produce thousands of plants from a single growing tip that’s been cut from a superior “mother” plant. Our plants are grown on a gelled nutrient-rich medium with growth regulators. They are grown in vessels and on shelves in a sterile laboratory which is temperature and light controlled.

Our Plants Are Disease Free Cultivated
in a sterile laboratory and well-maintained.

Throughout every stage of growth, our plants are inspected and cared for to ensure healthy and viable plants. High Quality Tissue Culture Grown From Superior Mother Plant Grown On A Gelled Nutrient-Rich Medium Grown In A Temperature And Light Controlled Laboratory Diverse Selections We Import / Export TC Plants all across the World


Million Plants Lab Capacity